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Hi, person reading this! My Name is Laurie and I’m the lady behind this crazy Super Life! I’m so excited you’re here! How did I get so lucky?!

Here’s the deal. Life is hard. It’s sometimes cruel and often it’s insanely monotonous.  We have to do things like pay bills and talk to people at parties we’d rather not talk to (is that just me?!). So I guess at some point I decided I was going to stay as present and curious as possible while I’m here. Really The Super Life came into existence because of that…I just knew deep down, there had to be others who couldn’t stop reading books, or asking questions, or laughing inappropriately, or not wanting to settle into regular jobs (unless their heart is absolutely in it). People who care about others and making this world a more alive and joyful place.

I truly wish I could meet you wherever you are and have the biggest, fattest dance party, in celebration that you are here. Like a sweaty- wear-your-sweats-fling-your-hair-sing-the-song-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-dance-until-it-hurts dance party.

I love that you found this place and I’m hoping that we can be in cyber-cahoots to stay as inspired and curious as possible.

We are alive. Let us be grateful.



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