Monthly Archives: February 2013

A SUPER new Beginning

super life profile pic

The Super Life has been such an incredible creative outlet for me and being the girl that loves change, I couldn’t help but get wanderlust (such a great word by the way…how can you go wrong with wander and lust in the same room?!)…so here I am…A whole NEW Super Life.

Here I’ll be posting inspirational ideas, videos, yummy recipes that inspire delight in our gorgeous bodies, interviews with inspirational people, things that (hopefully) make you laugh and anything else that strikes me as sharable (uh-oh, this could get interesting and by interesting, I  mean, inappropriate…in a good way…like, best girlfriend inappropriate).

One thing, that sort of drove me crazy about a regular website, is that it doesn’t give much chance for interaction or fly by the seat of my pants inspiration. Can you say BOOOORING?! (I once fell down a couple stairs and crashed into my piano, with a lit match in my hand, while saying “BOOOORING”. So now whenever I say it, it makes me laugh and feel scared that I’m gonna get in trouble for being a brat!)  So, to make a short story long, I’m hoping to really connect and share ideas with all of you on this fancy-schmancy new page.

I’m really excited for The Super Life’s next life and I hope you’ll join me on this journey…I promise it’ll be anything but boring :)